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Pay for Content Sites

Since content is important for the purposes of attracting visitors to sites, many sites have schemes whereby they pay for content submitted to those sites. In some cases, that content can be further sold on to site visitors.
Web SiteComments pays cash for asking and answering questions. I do not find the site easy to use, however, there are annoying popups and I have noticed some adverse comments.
Associated ContentAssociated Content publishes content and pays by number of views. Written work, including fiction and poetry, audio or video are accepted.
Constant ContentConstant Content sells content produced by authors on a wide range of subjects to customers. Articles, pictures or videos are accepted.
HeliumHelium accepts articles, stories and poetry to meet published requirements. The site also holds frequent competitions for content.
SquidooSquidoo allows its members to define their own web page and through the content on that page to make money. The subject can be anything. One of its strengths is that it allows external links which means that money can be made through affiliations. This link will give you a bonus $5 when you reach a payout of $15.
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