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Cash Back Sites

CashBack Sites

CashBack sites will allow you to make a small amount of money but it is not scalable - it can also be time consuming. However, many companies will offer discounts and the sites themselves give cashback for purchases made through them so significant savings are possible. Do not, however, make purchases relying on the cashback offered because transactions do not always track. If the transaction is of significant size, it is always worth making some record of it, such as a screenprint.

These sites offer variable rates of CashBack, so it is good to shop around for the best deal. Most of these sites make money by splitting the CashBack with you. A couple charge a yearly fee, which means that they can afford to pass the baulk of the CashBack on to you. The annual fee is paid from your CashBack earnings, so represents no initial expense from you to join.

More information on Cashback here: WINKI DIRECTORY

CashBack Site List

The following table contains links to a number of CashBack sites, plus comments where I think they may be useful. I recommend, before enroling on any of these sites to set up one or more email accounts to specifically use for this purpose. One of the inevitable side-effects of any kind of online activity is attracting spam and this is significantly increased when you are deliberately visiting sites whose chief aim is to obtain your email for their commercial purposes.
Web SiteComments
TopCashBackOne of the best sites for cash back rates - this used to take an annual charge of 5, but does not now.
FreeFiversfriendly - easy to use
CashInco10 points = 1p which makes site seem more generous than it is
ClickCashBackAnother site offering top cash back rates for an annual charge taken from earnings.
eDealsUK5 start up in your account.
GreasyPalma very popular site - friendly and easy to use
RPointsAnother popular site
InternetCashBackhigh minimum payout but you do start with 10
VoucherHeavennot obvious how you log in having joined up - go to join-up page
PinkCashBackowned by BritishAwards
QuidCoOne of the best cash back rates - an annual charge of 5 is taken from earnings. Unfortunately there is no referral scheme so I make no money from this link. :(

Vouchers and Goods

These sites are not included above since they do not strictly give cash; but they do give vouchers and goods in return for points collected.
Web SiteComments
iPointsno cash just vouchers and goods
PigsBackThis is actually quite a fun little site - recommended. There are plenty of things to do and the site has a good community feel to it.

Get Paid to View Ads

These sites will pay for you to view ads. I have some doubts regarding the feasibility of these sites, both in terms of their usefulness to shoppers and merchants, and also their long term viability.
Web SiteComments
ClixSenseGet paid to view ads; get upgraded to premium member for making purchase; get paid for referrals.
Deals'n'CashGet paid to view ads; get paid for referrals.
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