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The purpose of this website is unashamedly to make money for me; hence the website name. The main trick of making money from websites is, essentially, content. The nature of that content is relatively unimportant, but it is essential that it attracts the right people to the site.

Making Money

Because this site is about making money online, I intend to make the results of my research available, generally in the form of links elsewhere - there is no point in reproducing what someone else has already done, and they should get the credit for that. Linking to other sites is important anyway for various reasons, one of which is that on some links I can earn money by directing traffic to commercial sites. This is a predominantly UK based site and this should be born in mind for visitors from other countries.

About Me

I have over 30 years experience in computing, which means that I predate what is now known as 'Information Technology' and what we recognise as 'The Web' or 'Internet'. This is a bit of a mixed blessing - I have an enormous range of experience in a lot of technology which is obsolete, and a peppering of experience in new web technology which is an area so incredibly vast that it is rather difficult to know where and how to start finding out anything about it at all.

This Web Site

This web site is automatically generated by a program which I am currently developing and which, one day, I might make generally available. But there is a limit to what one person can do in their spare time and I still have to earn a living. The advantage of having a mechanism to automatically generate/update a site is that it makes maintenance so much easier and eliminates most 'human' error. The disadvantage is that it tends to be constraining, so this site may not appear as attractive as many.

People who wish to construct their own website are encouraged to find a tool which they are happy to use and to develop expertise with that. There are many web site builders out there with prices ranging from free to very expensive, so there will be one to match your pocket. Your main expense is likely to be your time.
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